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About Our New Look

Like accessibility standards, web standards also change. We needed to implement the change to get compliant with the latest standards. This will improve user experience by grouping relevant content into drop-down menus for ease of access, adding a search feature so content is easily accessible, improving how content is delivered across multiple browser platforms, and providing softer colors that don't strain the eyes.

For the best user experience, we only recommend the following browsers. Using an older browser may not deliver certain content and features in the manner intended. To find out which browser version you have, in the bowser's menu at the top of the browser window click, on  Help, and then About.

Note: If you are in a corporate environment, please consult with your IT administrator before updating your web browser or installing any programs. 

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8, or better.
Mozilla FireFox version 3.6.18, or better.
Google Chrome, any version.
Safari for Mac version 3, or better.

Many of our forms in PDF (Portable Document Format) have form fields that you can click in to complete the form. It saves time having to print the form out and then hand-write the information on the form. In order to ensure full functionality and use of our forms, we recommend updating your PDF reader program, should you experience any problems. Of course you can always print the form out if you experience any difficulties.

To view and fill PDF forms, we recommend the free Adobe Reader program.

Throughout this site bold text typically means that there is a link to relevant content that can be accessed by clicking on the text. On hovering over the bold text the link will turn red with an underscore. If you need assistance navigating the website, or simply have a helpful suggestion, drop us a line at 1+800-880-6986, or send us an email.