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Surface Slopes

The essential SmartTool is utilized in the filed for verifying compliance with surface slopes required to comply with the standards, including accessible parking areas, accessible routes, door pull side maneuvering clearances, ramps, and curb ramps.


Equipment & Tools

The SmartTool and the TAS Field Reference Manual from APC are essential to have.

SmartTool by Macklanburg-Duncan

A level slope measuring device that reports measurements in degree, percent and per-foot increments. This is an excellent field tool (we use the 24"-fits in a carry-on bag) that will verify proper run (longitudinal) and cross slopes at parking stalls, access aisles, accessible routes of travel, ramp surfaces, etc.
Macklanburg-Duncan Customer Service 1-800-654-8454

The SmartTool Can be obtained at large supply houses or retail hardware stores, or on the internet from the following online vendors:

Speed Partz

Texas Accessibility Standards (T.A.S.) Field Reference Manual

From Access Publishing Co.
A spiral bound 3.5" x 8" field reference manual containing the full text and graphics from the Texas Accessibility Standards. A great field item used for quick reference.

The TAS may be ordered directly from Access Publishing Co. at: www.adapublications.com
Or call Toll Free: 1+ (800) 667-2068

Door Pressure Gauge

We use this device to measure the force requirements for doors and controls and operating mechanisms. Many find that the device with the hook on the end is preferred (for pulling device controls).